Tuesday, February 10, 2009

22 hours and counting....

Talking with the locals

Did you spot anything in this picture?? Hint (its a bug)

I thought this was a funny pic, I really didn't wear this today!

I took this one for the Phi-Mu Aglaia!

We get Lily 3:00 pm China Time on Wednesday. That means we get her at 1:00am early Wednesday morning Central Time in USA.

We will try to have a post up on the blog by the time you all wake up on Wednesday. I know you all want pictures, so I will try to feed your craving! I am sure that it will be hard for me to put down all my feelings down initially, but I will at least post pictures. (maybe even a "gotcha day" video!) I will do my best at posting, seeing how I will have a little bundle of joy sitting in my lap!

Breakfast this morning was actually pretty good. The bacon was yummy and did not taste like jerky. There were a lot of odd things on the buffet. Some of the things I liked, but not for breakfast! I just can't do stir fry veggies, meat dumplings, and egg rolls early in the morning. Ugh... We noticed they had a big pot of rice congee and I thought..."Hmmm...I'll make that for Lily on Thursday morning!"

Today, Carlton and I ventured out and walked a couple blocks to a local park. Boy, oh, boy did we get stared at! I mean really, really stared at! This province does not have many adoptions each year and its not a big tourist town, so I don't think people see a lot of Americans. This province is known for producing coal. Its a little hazy and can be hard to breathe. We had a great time just "taking in" rural China. This is the part of China that most Americans never get to see. I actually kinda like it...its growing on me. The people are very kind and they love for you to talk to their children...which, of course, we do! We saw lots of kids today at the park. My stomach did flip-flops all day. All I could think about was Lily. Even my very laid back husband is getting very giddy!! So...anyway...we walked around this beautiful park. Sometimes, we found a bench and just people watched. We really loved watching all the people dancing in the park. People really love the small things in life and I love that about them. I have really come to see how rich and wasteful we are in America. The majority of the world does not live like we do in the USA. We are filthy rich, even the poorest among us are rich compared with how the rest of the world lives. I am ashamed of how materialistic my heart can be. My house seems like a mansion now and its an average 1800 square foot home. I have an indoor bathroom (3 of them actually), a heating and cooling unit, a stocked pantry, clean carpet on my floors, a washer and dryer, a bathtub!, green grass for my children to play on, 2 cars, and the list goes on. I encourage you to look around at the things you have and count your blessings. Be grateful. You are extremely, extremely, blessed. Don't work yourself to death, enjoy your family and SERVE what is important in this life. Stuff is NOT important, it hold no eternal value.

After the park, we met our guide in the lobby and he took us to Wal-mart. We got a lot of things for Lily that Helen recommended. OH, I forgot to tell you that I talked to Helen this morning and she told me that she has been so worried about us. She told us that she was going to come to Taiyuan to help us. I said, "Oh no Helen, we are OK. We are fine. Please don't worry." How sweet is that? She was going to come 6 hours just to take care of us! So, anyway...Helen told us just what to get for Lily. I wrote down the names of all of it and took it with us to Wal-mart. She told us to get Wuhaha. Its like yogurt milk. We also got rice cookies and noodles. I would have never known what to buy for her had it not been for Helen. We also got her a big picture book with English/Chinese words and a 4-DVD set that teaches little children English using musical jingles. (this set was $2.50) Can you believe the good deals? I also got a thing of Pantene conditioner, Pantene Silky Spray, and toothepaste. We got 4 huge water bottles, 3 Cokes, Fruit Juice Boxes, and many bottles of yogurt. Our whole entire buggy was $28.00. Oh, this is funny. They scanned our plastic Wal-mart bags and charged us for them!!! But, hey, these things are very sturdy. You couldn't bust them if you tried!

I wanted to get her some shoes, but I think I will save my bucks for squeaky shoes in Guangzhou. (I hope I have enough room in my suitcases!!, we are already over our in-country limit!) I also don't know exactly what size her little footsie is!

After Wal-mart, we had our guide take us to McDonalds. What is wrong with me? I can honestly count on ONE hand how many double cheeseburgers I have eaten in the last 10 years. 2 of them have been in China! Its so yummy. I also crave Coke. Not Diet Coke, but plain Coke. I never drink this at home. Never!! But, I promise, it tastes better here? I know, its crazy! I can't wait to get my little sweetie pie her first happy meal! And then a big, cold, ice-cream cone! Ok, enough about my food issues...

Carlton and I wondering what in the world we are gonna do tomrrow until 2:00 (which is when our guide comes to pick us up) It makes for a long day when you get up each day at 4:00am. OH, boy, this is really going to happen????????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok, I feel better now!

I will post again in the morning. I will probably not get much sleep!!!!



Barb said...

I cannot believe the time is finally here. Only 19 hours Alabama time when I write this. My hands are shaking -- I teared up at the thought of what is to come today! Can you believe it? TODAY!!!!! Enjoy every moment. Breathe! Treasure each minute.

Yes! Give her that Happy Meal and ice cream cone! It will be like nothing she has had before!

The people there are so amazing. I love hearing about your encounters with them. And Helen -- how sweet is she -- to want to come and take care of you! What a blessing she is.

Praying for a smooth transition and no fear of the unknown. God will carry you both -- The joy will be one of those moments that will stop time!

Gotta go to Birmingham, will check back later!

Love to you both!

Elizabeth said...

Down to hours and very soon just minutes!!! I bet it really makes you reflect on the LONG journey to Lily! We can't wait to see her!

Marcia said...

I am another Shanxi mom and I saw your post on the yahoo site so I had to come and peek. I know you must be so excited right now about meeting your little one. Your daughter is precious!!

Jessica said...

AHHH!!! I am screaming with you! In just a matter of hours you are going to be holding your precious bundle of joy!! Oh I am so excited I can not hardly stand myself...like Barb, my hands are shaking as I type this.
Seriously though,like I already said, just enjoy your time with Lily...take in every moment. You have plenty of time to post for us, but your daughter will be needing you more :)

You are cracking me up with the McDonald's stuff...and a real coke??? Girl in all the years I have known you, I have never known you to drink a coke...you are just cracking me up :)

Love the picture of the "Lion spotting" You better send that into the aglaia.

Praying for rest for you guys tonight and for the time to pass quickly tomorrow. Praying for a smooth transition.

love you!! sending lots of hugs your way!

Anonymous said...

Phi Mu spotted in China! I feel like I get to see the world through your blog!

PS....im glued to your blog.


The Ferrill's said...

Hey yall! I'm so glad that you and Carlton are enjoying people watching and taking it all in...you truly are seeing a more real picture of China where you are...one day maybe I can share with you the "real" China we were blessed to see in Candace's village!
It definitely changes us, doesn't it? Once you experience what you are experiencing right now, you cannot go back home and forget it. It changes our mindset about EVERYTHING we do. In a good way. In a DEEP way. It is almost a burden to carry, now that we are back in the creature comforts of home. You will forever be changed by this, Aimee!
Helen is a dear to give you such a detailed shopping list!
What WILL you do tomorrow until it is Lily time? Well, I guess you'll just have to do some more of "taking it all in"...and people watching! Or...maybe...you could SLEEP? ;) Ha ha!
Love all the pics and the update once again! But I really can't wait for the update tomorrow! PRAYING FOR YOU BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!

LeighAnne said...


I can not wait until tomorrow morning when there is a post with pictures of you and your sweet Lily! WOW. This is happening and I am so excited for you and Carlton. :) I know that the Lord is going to be present in that room when you get her in a very sweet and special way. Thanks for sharing all your details and adventures with us. Hugs, LA

tbothof said...

Aimee! Hope you are hanging in there! We got a big surprise today -- RYAN!!!! He is doing GREAT! I am so in shock. Check out our blog at journey to me. u: ryan p: douglas

Praying for a great day for you all tomorrow!

Terri B

Tamara said...

It's really fixing to happen! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I woke up early today and already I am so restless with anticipation for you guys. I'll never be able to sleep tonight knowing that while we are TRYING to sleep you will be getting your sweet Lily! I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. I pray you are getting some rest and that the hours until 3:00 go quickly for you both. I've already got my kleenex ready...I think I'll just try to sleep in the chair with the laptop so I can be ready as soon as you post. But, as hard as it is for me to say this...don't worry about getting in a hurry to post...just enjoy and take in every minute! These are your special moments and we will survive the wait. I think! :) he he
I just realized I am rambling on way too long so I'll shut up now.

Know we are praying for you all and we miss you bunches!

Love you guys!

Crystal said...

How exciting!!! We are praying for a smooth transition! I can't wait to see pictures! But believe us when we say, we will all be ok if you don't have time for the computer!! We can wait!! We'll all just be patiently waiting.. glued to the computer screen! :)

Enjoy Micky D's, you probably won't let yourself indulge when you get home!!

Lots of love and prayers, Crystal Joplin

Linda said...

I REALLY enjoy your pictures. I always love seeing how much can be loaded on a regular ol' bicycle, and the picture of the arched stone bridge is so pretty. You're right about American affluency - once you've seen poverty with your own eyes, it changes you. I know it drew me closer to the heart of G*d.

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and see your new daughter! So, so exciting!

Laura said...

Oh Aimee...I am praying you are sleeping soundly now with sweet dreams. I cannot wait to see pictures of you with Lily in your arms. Keep breathing...He will continue to provide you with all the grace and all the strength you need.

I am so proud of you and your precious family.


Tasha said...

We are in count down alert also!! It's so much better than watching the BIG Ball drop on New Year's Eve! I know Allie and myself will not be able to sleep!We are praying for ya'll and Lily and all the nannies as this is such a happy time and sad time also! I know God has been preparing the hearts of everyone!I'm with everyone, that you and Carlton just enjoy the moments of a lifetime and as excited as we all are, we'll be glad to wait on standby while you get to know your little China angel!! Know your are in our every thought and now I can't see for all the tears so, we love you!

Krystal said...

Woo-hoo!!! I'm so very excited for you. I am praying, though, that God will grant you serene sleep and calm hearts. Can't wait to see pix and read story of Lily's Gotcha Day!

Just a thought - I made melamine plates for each of my nieces (as well as my daughter - adopted domestically) with "Happy Gotcha Day", the dates they were "gotten", and a design specific to them for use every year on their Gotcha day. I found the kits online. Makit dot com is one such store.

Again, I'm praying for you!

Green, Party of Five said...

Hey Girl
So glad you are feeling better today and got to talk with Helen. She was our angel in China. So many of the province pictures bring back so many memories (some good and bad). This province really was an eye opener for me also. How we take things for granted.
I cant believe when I wake up tomorrow that we get to see the "Lily moment". Im not I can sleep tonight with all the excitment.
I pray that you are resting right now and dreaming of that wonderful moment.Praying that God will provide a smoot transition for all.
We love you so much!


Misty said...

How exciting! Nathan usually wakes up to nurse around 2:30 a.m. I'll be thinking at that time about how you both are loving on that precious baby girl! I am so happy for you both...

Didn't know you were a Phi Mu...another thing we have in common.



Aaron and Erica said...

It's 3:15 am China time and I'm hoping you are sleeping soundly (at least for a couple more hours). I'm counting down with you...

Big hugs!!!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Hi Aimee!! I think you are down to 12 hours now!!!!! As I read your post I had the biggest smile on my face. How sweet that Helen was willing to come to where you are, WOW! Jordans in GZ has great prices on squeaky shoes and silks. He also offers laundry service. Once you have Lily in your arms (TOMORROW!!!) you can add another suitcase to your family as long as she has a plane ticket not a lap seat. I must have bought 10 pairs of squeaky shoes and Lauren out grew them so fast. This time I'm going to buy more of the larger sizes. It was so funny because once she out grew them she would stomp on her regular shoes expecting them to squeak. heehee

One thing you can do to pass the time tomorrow is write to Lily because once she is in your arms you will be FLOATING on cloud 9!!!

Thank you for sharing your journey! You have no idea the happiness you are bringing to me while we wait for our Mia Hope! We think we are leaving on February 27th so leave the lights on for us! :)

Oh I can't wait to wake up and see Lily in your arms...another forever family complete!!!

God bless you both!!!!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...


Yes, we take too much for granted here in the states...oh how we are blessed!!! I'm always amazed at the gift of survival that China has...how they make the most out of the most simplest of things.


Shea said...

I can not believe it's really time! I don't think I'll sleep either tonight. I'll be up at 1:00 a.m. waiting to see pictures! :) I'll do my best to wait until morning but just can't wait to see you with her in your arms. THIS REALLY IS HAPPENING! I'm so happy for you!

DonnaK said...

You know they say "watched water never boils", right? Well, I guess you can blame all of us if the time is dragging today!! I know I have looked at the clock atleast a MILLION times today. I'm am sure I am not the only one!!

You are down to 10 1/2 hours!! YAY!! I feel like I could just scream! I can't wait to see an update with pictures, but just like everyone else has mentioned....Don't worry about it if you can't post anything right away!! ENJOY YOUR DAUGHTER!!! We will all be here when you get around to it!

Love and prayers coming your way!!
~Donna Kay!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog and enjoying it immensely. I am in Texas and its 1:55 a.m. central time Wednesday. If everything followed schedule you should have your daughter by now. I am saying a prayer right now for an easy transition for your baby girl. I pray that God will comfort all 3 of you.