Monday, February 9, 2009

Feels Like Christmas Eve- So Excited!

Thank you for your encouraging comments. After seven hours of sleep and reading your comments this morning, I do feel better. I also emailed Karla and knowing she is there if we need her, really helps too.

Last night we met our new friends. All I can say is that God is so gracious that He put a couple here in the middle of China who we can relate to on so many levels. We are very like-minded in almost everything. Amazing, huh? We talked non-stop (Noah would say, "jibber-jabber") over dinner last night. They walked over to our hotel (they are staying a couple blocks down the road) and we ate dinner at the hotel. It was OK. I had pizza, but it didn't have any sauce. They gave me ketchup to put on it. (this did not help my already weak stomach). During dinner, all I could think, was wow! these people are sooooo much like us! We are grateful for their precious friendship. Its really good to not have to play charades to communicate.

Its 7:30am here and we are getting ready to go try out the breakfast buffet. I am hoping the bacon doesent taste like beef jerky! I hope to find something yummy, because I am so hungry. I need some calories, big time. I am dreaming now of a big bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with those round, greasy hash browns. But, I need to face reality, I am not going to be eating that!

After breakfast, we are going to venture out, but not too far. We are supposed to meet our guide in the lobby at 3:00pm to go to Wal-mart. I really wish we could have done this tomorrow so Lily could have picked out some food that she likes.

Check back soon, I will be updating the blog more often. I want to put down all my thoughts leading up to our big day! The countdown begins!!!!! Less than 30 hours to go!

Love you,

Thank you for "being" there for me. Its like online therapy when I read your comments,


DonnaK said...

I am so glad you feel better after getting some sleep last night!! It is so good that you got to visit with some friends too!! I know that was welcomed by all of you! You are getting so close now!! I am praying for tomorrow and the days to come! I can't wait for more updates!! Try to rest tonight!! I know you won't want to take your eyes off Lily for a LONG time after you get her!!!
Donna Kay!

Jessica said...

OH AIMEE!!! The countdown is on! 30 hours!!! oh my!!

I am so glad to read that you are feeling better and got some rest.

Oh and how wonderful it is to read that you guys have met a couple there you can "jibber jabber" with :)

The pizza story is cracking me up..ketchup! wow...hope you are enjoying some yummy bacon right now.

Have fun at Wal-Mart. :)

Continuing to pray for you guys!
love u!

krt said...

aimee.... i am praying for you guys everytime you come to my mind. i can't wait to see the three of you together. what a great moment that will be!


p.s. if you want to go to Wal-Mart after "gotcha" , just let your guide know. you may have to be abit assertive with him, but that is okay!

Chanda said...

Aimee - fellow Shanxi Mom here. We're waiting on our RA but it is so wonderful to read your experiences and thoughts. I will pray for you as you meet LIly soon!

The Ferrill's said...

Yay for friends! Yay for fellowship! Yay for 30 more hours! Yay for more updates! You're feeding my addiction to your website, Aimee! ;) I think of you A LOT, even on the way home from Walmart tonight! I'm praying for you tons!
And girl, when you get to the White Swan or Victory or wherever...the buffet will be AWESOME! Maybe this hotel has a good buffet too? I hope you get that yummy bacon! I am eating lots of calories for you, don't worry. The White Swan breakfast buffet has killer french toast and tater tots and everything else. I swear we gained weight there!
Okay, I love your updates! Have I mentioned that?
Love you and I love Jesus too!

Karrie said...

Hi Aimee! We are following you all closely and feel so blessed to have 'met' you and Carlton! You are doing such an awesome job for Lily's sake and our family prays for your delight and peace once Lily is finally in your arms. It's been a tough labor but SO worth it!
We're awaiting TA for our little Lanzhou love! Big Hugs from FL, Karrie

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Just hours till Lily day!!!!!! Can you believe it?? Oh this is exciting!!! What a blessing to have another couple there with you and especially one that you can relate to. God is good! It might be a good thing that you are going to Walmart before Lily Day. Sometimes the first day can be overwhelming for the toddlers and taking them to Walmart can add to the anxiety. We were able to win our daughters heart over with Oreo cookies on the first day. I would definitely recommend them. :) Oh..and if you don't have a stroller that might be a good thing to pick up at Walmart. It was a life saver for us especially at the airport.

Enjoy, enjoy!!!


Kelly said...

Hi, saw your blog on the yahoo group for waiting children. I really hope this is something we can do in the future. Best of luck, Kelly in Columbia, SC

Shea said...

So glad you are feeling better. So you know, I made breakfast for supper tonight and Lilly kept saying "This is so yummy, Mommy. Thank you!!" Here's wishing you a big bowl of cheese grits, biscuits, bacon and eggs! Glad you are smiling again. I know your smile is going to be as big as the Great Wall of China is long tomorrow!!! LOVE YOU.

Barb said...

I am so glad you got some rest. I know you will need every bit you can get in these next 24 hours.

I am so glad you met a couple with so much in common. God is amazing, He always knows what we need at the right time.

Continuing to pray for Lily, you and Carlton, and the days ahead. This is sooooooo exciting. Thanks for letting me experience this through your thoughts and eyes!


jengallahar said...

It is great that God placed new friends just a few blocks away during this experience. Your descriptions of hamburgers and biscuits are hard on someone trying to I remember when I was in France in college. I was there 6 weeks and the first place we stopped after leaving the Atlanta airport was Dairy Queen so I could get a footlong chili dog. You'll be able to feed those cravings soon. Can't wait to read your post in 30 hours!

Nicole said...

Hey I haven't been able to talk to yall in a couple of days..Isabella is sick with pneumonia..she was in the hospital last night...I hope she gets better soon..I am happy that the gotcha day is near...I can't wait to see Lily..I know she will be beautiful..It is good to know that you have some friends there to talk to....Keep me informed...Love yall

Friends and Family said...

Aimee and Carlton---as I struggle to do the time conversion...(I think it is about 9:30AM on Tuesday morning for you as I write this so hope you got some good Southern breakfast, Aimee!) I can't help but just SMILE for you two! Knowing that, at this time tomorrow, you will be only 6 or so hours away from wrapping your arms around Lily and squeezing those precious, round cheeks! Oh, how my heart just overflows with thanks and excitement that God has led you to these very moments, where Lily unknowingly awaits her forever family, unaware that she is loved in the most precious way! God is so good and I know he is working to prepare you all for this day! I am thinking of you every moment and cannot wait to hear all about Lily!

God's blessings!
Tamara Gavin

Cathy said...

I am so excited for Lily to be in your arms. What a journey. Praying...

Cathy said...

I am so excited for Lily to be in your arms. What a journey. Praying...

Jessica said...

Oh Aimee I can't believe you are less than 30 hours from getting sweet Lily. We have been talking about Lily for so long and I just can't believe you are about to get your arms around her. I am so excited for you and Carlton! Praying you can get some rest and someting good to eat!!!

Much Love! Kadle

Kathy said...

Hi Aimee and Carlton,

This is Elaina's Mom. I've been enjoying reading about your adventures, and now it's almost time for you to meet your little girl! We'll be thinking about you!!


kde0230 said...

Hey guys I should have posted before now but I want you to know that not only am I reading daily about your journey but I am also praying for you and Lily. I have a good friend that adopted from Russia and I will never forget the impact it made on my life. So many things we take for granted that we have for our children. Like heat and baby wipes, not to mention wipe warmers. I enjoy reading your updates and yesterday after church I had to go to House of Chen, just because of reading your stories about food over there. Oh well Im sure its nothing to compare. Please know how happy I am for your whole entire family. I hope I can meet her one day.
Kelle Eaton

Jami said...

I don't know what to say other than God is soooo good! I can't imagine what the two of you must be feeling. I can't even sleep thinking about it! While trying to go to sleep last night all I could think about was the words to one of my favorite praise and worship songs...Blessed be the name of the Lord, blessed be your glorious name!

I am so happy for you all and can't wait to see you all together, finally!

Oh, by the way...we had ladybugs all over our classroom on Sunday! Ask Hannah Grace and Noah! Jess and I watched the children play with them...we were in awe.

Love You all so much,


Carla said...

Aimee and Carlton

I have been following your journey and reading your online blog for just over a year and have not commented publicly until now. Your journey this past year has been such a great testimony to how big our God is. I rejoice with you as you countdown your final hours until you hold your sweet daughter in your arms. Just be careful not to “squish” her. LOL.

Truthfully, each time I read your blog, I get chills and never more so than during reading this installment. Be assured that tonight when I rest my head, I will be thinking of you guys and anticipating the sweet pictures that will await us of the joyous union. It is almost like Christmas Eve for those of us who anxiously await each new installment as well.

Thank you so much for posting all of your thoughts and musings on this journey. It makes me feel like I am right there with you (there goes the chill bumps again). Have a peaceful rest.

Much love
Carla Willingham