Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Relaxing in Guangzhou

She will look at the goldfish now without screaming!

I think I just like this couch to myself....

We just had to take a picture of this belly...I am afraid sometimes that she is going to topple forward!!!! Obviously, she is a good eater!!!

She loves an apple!

This is how you eat noodles...Chinese style

Today was pretty laid back. We had the entire day to just hang out on the island. We did a lot of shopping and I purchased many things to give Lily for each anniversary of Gotcha Day, Feb. 11th. We also purchased a big suitcase to help us get all this stuff home! I also bought a black Chinese silk dress. I almost had a heart attack that I had to go up 4 sizes in China. How depressing is that? I told Carlton I am going to cut the tag out. Of course, he just rolled his eyes! I promise, I don't understand how women bear children over here...they have NO hips! Anyway..... It was a really good day..I just tried to absorb each and every moment. Life is so different here....and I tried to take mental pictures all day long. Part of me is so sad to leave...China will always have a piece of my heart. But, I am longing for the moment when my two other babies are in Mommy's arms. Thank you for praying for a good transition with our kids. I know its going to be really hard...I think it will be really hard on Noah. He has been Mama's baby for a long time. Seriously, I still carry him around and he is 40 pounds. He is a little "in love" with Mama and lets me know everyday that when he grows up he is going to drive a dump truck and marry me. I think Hannah Grace is going to do good. She has been wanting to have a little sister for a long time now...and now that time has come. She is such a loving child, so tenderhearted, such a "little mama". I can't wait to get back into our routine...I am looking forward to seeing all the school work she has completed while I have been away. She is so happy that I am going to give her a 2-week break from homeschooling. Little stinker, she loves a break! I promised her that if she did school work while I was gone, I would give her a little break.

Today, we also got a call that our paperwork was great except for one small detail. On her referral info, it mentioned she was slightly anemic. (really, really mild) When she went to her exam the other day, the doctor checked her and said she was not anemic and so they did not write it on her report. The consulate knew that it wasnt a big deal, but for "paperwork" reasons, we had to sign a piece of paper that stated we knew she was slightly anemic in March of 08. Otherwise, everything is great!! We will got for our "swearing in" ceremony tomorrow at 2:45. I can't believe this is it, she is finally ours!!! Thank you God for this precious gift....she is so perfect for us....we know that before the foundation of this world that you knew she was going to be ours and created her with us in mind. We are amazed each day at how she is just the "perfect" fit for our family. We couldn't love her more. We feel so blessed and humbled that He would allow us to be her Mama and Baba. What amazing grace! People keep telling us how lucky she is to be going to America...to have us for parents...while all the time, we keep thinking how blessed WE are!!! We are the lucky ones!! I wake up each day and just stare at those almond eyes and jet black hair!! I am in love!

This afternoon, Lily took her famous "red couch" photo. She liked having the couch all to herself. She wasn't too hot on taking pics with the other two kiddos in our group. We took lots of pics.

Tonight, we ate yummy Italian. Carlton and I inhaled a whole pizza in 10 minutes flat. Lily gobbled down a whole plate of noodles. We crack up when she sucks them down...its definitely picture worthy. This girl really knows how to eat some noodles. We need to stock up on spaghetti noodles!!

We are off to get some rest....1 more day here in China....

Love you all,


Nancy said...

ALL of those pictures are adorable! She couldn't be cuter!
Enjoy your day...I'm enjoying your blog so much! What an amazing journey.
God bless you 3 on your way home!

Jen Thompson said...

Love the posing she does! CUTIE!!! I understand about your concern of your son's adjustment - I too have what we call a "pouch boy" -he loves to sit in my lap and getting snuggles and love. His 35lbs and long legs doesn't dissuade him a bit. His big sisters keep telling him that his new little brother will be in the pouch and he won't have as much time. He says it is ok - but I think he is gonna have a rude awakening! I have really enjoyed following you on your journey and am lifting you up in your final day in China and travels home. Just think - you will all be together soon!

LeighAnne said...

She is so precious and I am so glad that you and Carlton have enjoyed your time in China! I know that you can't wait to get home. I can't wait to read all about how Lily does once she gets home! I know that it will be amazing!


kde0230 said...

Hello! Every morning first thing I do is turn on the computer and read your update. It makes my day to see you so happy, and that little smile that has slowly gotten bigger and bigger, priceless! I would also think of one of Campbells nurses from Childrens that was in the process of adopting from China. I have often prayed for her and her baby because she was so sweet. That has been almost 3 years ago, and this morning I see her smiling in your pictures. Pleae tell Nancy that the Eatons said hello and we are so glad that she finally got her angel. Such a small world. I am so glad Lily is warming up to her daddy. She is so lucky to have a loving, christian family to provide only the best for her, exactly what I think every child deserves. Please continue to update as you arrive home. Thank you for all my smiles every morning!!

Crystal said...

The pictures are great!! You can definitely see that little personality! Thanks again for sharing this with all of us! Praying for you as you spend your last days in China and as you make your journey home!

Love, Crystal Joplin

Jessica said...

Pictures are adorable! I love all that posing that Miss Lily does...her little personality just shines so brightly in the pictures. And tell little miss Lily that I am going to stock your pantry with noodles :) I love how she eats those...super cuteness!
Continuing to pray for all of you. Can not wait to see you guys at the airport!!

lots of love,

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for all the pictures, they are worth more than a thousand words. I am in tears just knowing how in love you both are with this precious child of God.

Misty said...

She is beautiful...like her Mommy! I am glad you have enjoyed yourselves in China, but I'm looking forward to your return. Praying for a safe trip home as well as bonding between Lily and Hannah Grace and Noah. I believe God has placed Lily in your lives and I know He's taking care of all the details!

Much love,

Misty Cobb

The Terrells said...

she looks like she is posing for a model shoot!!! enjoy the last day in china and so can't wait to hear that she is "officially" yours!! love y'all

Tamara said...

Soooooo cute!!!! You could just eat her up!! Looks like she is becoming a little ham for the camera! I can't wait to see all of you! Friday can't get here soon enough.

Praying for you all, and an esp. smooth flight home.

Love and Hugs,

Shea said...

Enjoy your last day there. I'm sure leaving is bittersweet. It's probably started to feel a little like home there. But just think of those hugs and kisses you, Lilly and Carlton have waiting for you back in Alabama! Have a safe trip. Love ya'll and love all the cute pictures!

P.S. I should say, since this might be my last "Bachelor Update from Mississippi to China"...I haven't watched this week. I am finally going to get to watch it tonight! I hear it's a good one though!!!

Holly said...

Sweet pics...you need to show her Lady and the Tramp when she gets home so she can find a new way to share noodles with a friend! Praying for a great flight home... and that Lily sleeps for most of it!

KCCCKQC's DAD said...

Hey Aimee! Finally, I can leave a comment! My computer is acting funky so I'm on a different one...it's Laine by the way...I'm not sure what this is going to look like, just wanted you to know I'm praying you home safe and sound! Enjoy your last day...I know you will!
I emailed you my comment in case this doesn't work.
Yall are such a beautiful family and I can't wait to see you ALL together...ALL FIVE of you!!!!

KCCCKQC's DAD said...

Hey, that guy in my comment is HOT! Who IS that anyway?
(snicker snicker!)

lisa said...

Lily is just precious! She has a wonderful famliy now! She does love that camera, so cute. Cant wait to hear that you are home! We're praying!
God Bless.

Green, Party of Five said...

I cant believe your trip is almost over. What a blessing this journey has been for us all. I cant wait to see your family of five. Yes...that is the magic number!
Praying for safe travels and we love you.


P.S. Keep us also in your prayers. Lia's MRI is scheduled for Thursday at 10.