Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a quick update

Thanks for all your encouraging words. I am up early now reading comments and Carlton is sleeping next to that little bundle of love. When he wakes up, I will make sure he reads all these comments. I think it will help him.

Just wanted to write a little about last night...

We got back to our room and we were exhausted. We ordered some dumplings and rice (room service). By the way, it was $4.00. ???? Lily gobbled down about half of our order. I just had to stop her and take the food away. No belly ache as of yet. OK, so anyway...last night, I put her in the bath and made lots of bubbles. (she is amazed at bubbles). She started jabbering like you wouldn't believe. Of course, I had no clue what she was saying. It was all chinese!!!!!!!!!!!! I would imitate her Chinese and she would bust out laughing. Look, I know I am not good at my chinese, but now my own daughter is laughing at me! (the honesty of kids!) So, then, in order for her to get more soap squirted on her hands, I would make her say something. She repeated almost everything I said....she said, "toes, soap, please, mama, baba, wo ai ni, boodie, and the best words of all.....she said, "ROLL TIDE!!!"

Carlton was sitting in the room at the computer while I was giving her a bath and I poked my head out the door and screamed, "Did you hear that????" Well, sweet daddy, was just a cryin'. I said, "what is it?" He told me he was just so happy and so thankful that God had allowed us this amazing opportunity and he loved just hearing us laugh and talk together. I was so happy he said this, because really, I thought he was crying happy tears because she said Roll Tide. :)

Well, I am off to pack up our things.

OK, I am in need of YOUR help. For all you "been there, done that" families....can you please tell me where to shop and what things I should buy??? HELP!!! Please help me!!!! I don't want to forget something!!!

I already have: pearls and cloisonne. Thats really it.

Oh, Lily's head just popped up. gotta go


Lorraine said...

My kids came from Poland and Russia so no shopping advice, but I did want to tell you that it took Paulina a while to get used to Daddy, but she is such a daddy's girl now. She had never seen a man until my translator! So she was really terrified of my dh. One thing that helped was when we got home and she watched her new brothers climbing all over dad. They are both bio and both thought of him as thier own private jungle gym for years. Paulina would sit on my lap and watch them climb on daddy and play with him with her eyes so big! He started small, things like playing wheels on the bus with her legs while she lay in my lap. I also made sure to hug and kiss him a lot in front of her.

Joyce said...

HI Aimee
I am a lurker who found you from another blog and I am so glad I did so. I too have adopted but probably took an easier route. I adopted my son after having known him since 4 weeks of age and then taking him home every 6 weeks to give foster care relief.

I have been reading and watching and I am so glad you let strangers into your world. I have watched the time you first met Lily over and over and its not Lily I watch, its you. The love you have for her is evident on your face, your body language, - and you seem to be holding yourself back from jsut picking her up and squeezing her so tight. Your entirefocus as you can see in you body language is totally on her, its like you 2 only exsist and noone else does - and I mean that in a positive way.

You are filled with such love and Lily is one special girl to have it poured into her.

Keep posting as you can, as I am loving the lurking:)

Charlliesweb said...

We loved Guangzhou, of course we were there on the island the entire two weeks. :) We had a routine of walk and shop, shop and walk, just walk and of course eat! LOL

First eating advice :) We loved the Cow Bridge and of course Lucy's. The people at the Cow Bridge are SOOOOO nice! We visited almost every other night. Ahhhhh the memories :) Lucy's was great to get some plain ole french fries! We had a ritual of morning coffee and a muffin at Starbucks too. The coffee everywhere else was really tar! Shhhhh, I think it's supposed to be a secret! lol

Shopping, the best advice I can give, compare prices before you buy! Walk all over and make mental notes of what you want. Ask their prices and compare with others. They will try hard to keep you from leaving without what you were looking at though. :) Got some amazing deals on clothes! We visited the electronic place. Amazing! Just make sure you buy DVD's that work here.

Oh make sure you stop by and visit Jordan. :)

AND we had laundry done at Jennifer's.

I could go on and on about the island. :)

Crystal said...

Just read the past two updates! I will continue to pray for you all and each specific request. Have fun in Guangzhou! It sounds like there is a lot of great shopping places!
Love, Crystal Joplin

Sherri said...

Go to Jordan's on the island. He is so kind and he (or his sister) will make you a calligraphy of Lily's Chinese name for you to take home....for FREE! We brought ours home and had them matted and framed and we love them. He speaks English very will love him. He knows our Father.

We LOVED the Cow and Bridge. Yum!

Lucy's....not so much. But everyone seems to love Lucy's except for us. I really do like Chinese food, so that's what I prefer.

Have a great time in Guangzhou! You will love it!


Linda said...

To second Sherri's comments, Jordan is also a b*liever - very nice man. We went to a place that was called (I think) the Chen Family ___ (museum?) It is famous, and your guide will know about it. It is really neat in that it is both a museum and lots of little shops with high quality merchandise intermingled.

Krystal said...

It's been seven years since I was there, but we went to Sherry's and Jennifer's several times, rather close to the White Swan. Those places may be of different names now or not even there any more. I bought my name (they had to make it up for me, the curse of a name spelled differently) and my husband's name on small cards in Chinese for what seems like 50 cents each. I wish I'd gotten a name chop for myself, a stamp with my name in the Chinese characters. I don't remember where my sister got hers for the girls, but I'll ask her and see if I can't get back to you soon on that.

My sister got the girls' picture etched on a black stone heart there. Again, I don't know where that was done, but I would imagine a little touring would give you a heads up.

Just enjoy yourself, whatever you do. I think I enjoyed Guangzhou even more than Changsha because a lot of the shopkeepers could speak English and I didn't feel so helpless.

Type at ya later!

Jessica said...

Can't help ya with the shopping, but I sure wish I was tagging along for it :)
I love that Lily is talking so much now (even if you don't know what she is saying yet) I am praying for the poor child...just wait until we meet, I will have her saying War Eagle before its over) haha
On a serious note...
I love your blog have such a way with words. Continuing to be in prayer for your precious family.
love you!

Christie Thacker said...

We've had trouble logging on but so glad I can finally write to you. Lily is adorable--I could just put her on a plate and sop her up with a biscuit! I am praying that even at age 3 God will give her little mind His peace in the midst of confusion and that she will bond to Him and your family. Can't wait till you're home (I can't get anything done for trying to read your blog!). I've followed your journey all the way and told everybody I know about it. This is such a beautiful and beyond words picture of the gospel. Love you and see you soon.

Krystal said...

Sounds like Jennifer's Place and Sherry's Place are still on Shamian Island.

This site had more info, if you have time to check it out.

Sure wish I were there!!!

Shea said...

Oh, what sweet happy tears those must have been. Hearing the 2 of you laugh had to be such a sweet sound to C. Still just over the moon excited for ya'll. I wish I could be there to shop away the day with you.

P.S. IMPORTANT BACHELOR UPDATE! He let Naomi go. have got to watch. The hometown dates were a bit crazy. I fear Melissa might be let go next week. However, I think he likes her alot more than Molly. I still think Jillian will be our big winner. Deanna must not come back until the final 2.'ll get to see after all! :) Love you.

Corie said...

Ok..that is precious!!! She is going to be such a quick learner with a mama and daddy like you. So patient and loving. I agree with Carlton...what an amazing thing to be apart of this and you all are doing it SOOO WELL. I think Emma talks about you all everyday and how she gets to come see you all soon. We can't wait!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Aimee, Carlton in tears makes me in tears! Sweet daddy...
Love this update...I can just picture yall cackling in the bathroom! Adorable.
Okay, you asked...
Sherry's Place for shoes. THE best shoes...squeaky galore. Cheap. GOOD.

There is a store that is run by believers that do work with orphanages. Most of their profits go back to the orphanages. The name of it is China Love or Home of Love or Gift of Love or something like that, I think. I really can't remember! But they have American Girl doll clothes that are handmade China outfits. My oldest girls loved them. Rob bought me some pretty jewelry there that is silver Chinese character pendants and earrings....They also have magnets for each orphanage city and province! Awesome!

I regret not getting more DVD's at the DVD store. Rebecca will take you there. They made great souvenirs for our sweet friends and family and they are like 2 bucks a piece. For NEW RELEASES! We got Kung Fu Panda and others, but I should've stocked up on the Barbie princess movies because Quan, believe it or not, is hooked on these! (He really needs a little budder to hang with! ;)

Also, I just loved all the little cheap Chinese souvenirs...we bought a bunch for our kiddos friends at church, etc. Fans are SO cheap and Chinese hackey sacks and little rope and jade bracelets (1.00/piece!) and even swords. My older boys bought really nice expensive swords. I have a great story for another day about trying to get those swords on the airplane.

Pearls: A sweet friend of mine gave me some great advice. When you get your pearls, they will have a bowl of randomly shaped pearls that are pretty big. They will make them into pendants for you! We paid 15.00/piece (talked them down from 25.00) and bought them for really special gifts. I put them on a black rope necklace and they are so beautiful. They are all a different shape and size, no two alike. So it makes them very special. Also, maybe you could splurge on nice pearl strands for Lily and Hannah and Noah's future wife. There is just something precious about pearls from China.

At the pearl market we found a vendor selling Amber jewelry. Rob bought me the most BEAUTIFUL necklace and every time I wear it I get so many comments on it. I never thought about Amber...but it is worth taking a look at the booth if you have time. The necklace was only about 30.00!

Definitely stock up on Chinese dresses for Lily and Hannah...SO CHEAP at that store right beside the White Swan.

Go to the Italian restaurant...Rebecca will know it. YUMMY pizza. We ate there about 4 times.

You will love the park and Starbucks.

Good grief. I've overloaded you. Do you want me to just come there and show you what I'm talking about? Okay, I'll be right there! ;)

The Ferrill's said...

A Gift From China
Guangzhou's Charity Store

That's the name of that store I was talking about.

Aimee, take every opportunity to talk to the shop owners. They speak great was lots of fun getting to know them!

Friends and Family said...

Aimee and Carlton---

What fun to imagine you all just enjoying each other, these will be such special memories; beyond words, I am sure; thank you for allowing me to be apart. Continue to pray for you all!

Tamara Gavin

Tasha said...

hey I'm with Jess, I will help with the words "War Eagle"too! I'm so glad she's talking, even if you don't understand it, you may not want to one day when she's mad!! I hope you have a blast shopping and showing Lily still things she hasn't seen! I know Hannah and Noah must be ready to meet their new sister! Along with the rest of us! Tasha

tbothof said...

Hi Aimee! I loved reading your post about the orphanage. What a day! We were praying for you :) We are in room 1933 at the WS. See you soon!
Terri B

Tamara said...

Way to go Lily! I am so glad you are learning such imp. words! :)
It does my heart good to hear about your fun and laughter. I can just hear and imagine you and Lily laughing and you jibbering back and forth to each other.

Carlton hang in there, I know your time is coming soon! We're praying for Lily to quickly realize what a sweet, special, loving baba she has and let you get closer to her.

Miss you guys a bunch, have fun shopping!

Roll Tide!!

Keri Mason said...

Aimee, You probably already know this, but most places have the t-shirts that say mom, dad, daughter, etc. in Chinese on them. I think they even have sister and brother ones you could get for Noah and Hannah Grace. It makes an adorable family picture. And, when we were there there was a stand set up on the street behind the hotel of an artist who painted using his fingernails (like a charcoal black and white). The portraits were amazing. We e-mailed him Eden's photo and the next day we had this amazing portrait of her. It is now framed in a beautiful Asian-style black frame in our hallway. People cannot BELIEVE he painted it with his fingers. It wasn't that expensive either. I think about $30 US dollars or so...worth whatever we paid. Just an idea of something different.

And, Lucy's was the only great place I can really remember eating. I was so caught up in Eden I can't remember many details. Sorry!

Keri Mason

Beka White said...

Aimee & Carlton,
Your blog is AMAZING! Janet sent me your link & I am so glad she did! I have been sitting here reading and I have to agree w/ Jess, Aimee, you do a fabulous job writing. I feel like I have been a fly on the wall. The pic of you three leaving the spot where Lily was left made me bawl! I love hearing about the fun bath time! Lily has been so blessed with two AWESOME parents! I am in such ah of your family! We have got to come to Anniston soon & meet your new precious addition. You all are in my thoughts & prayers.
Lots of Love, Beka White

Jacqueline Jackson said...

ake sure to go to the pearl market when you get to Guangzhou, you can get the necklaces down to $20.00. I got my sons really nice jade rings. Also a good gift is little pieces of jade to make a necklace.
Don't worry about packing - suitcases are so so cheap on the Island but get that at the end so you will know what size to get.
Get plenty of little outfits for years to come - they are about $4.00 dollars there, where back in the states they are $34.00.
I also got our baby's picture in the black stone ( you will see them working on the streets doing it.
Also very popular to get you daughter is a Chop
(it is like a stamp and ink pad) on the top of it you get the animal of the year that she was born -ex. -
year of the rooster, then on the bottom you get either her chinese name or American name ingraved ( I also got some for my other children)
A great gift for men are the knives and swords - they also are in all the shops. We had no problem packing them in the suitcase that was checked in and all the men just love them.
For special girlfriends I got either Jade braclets, pearl earrings, or neighbors I got little silk bags, or pocketbooks ( I think they were $4.00 each)
They also have great little braclets (sort of braided
with a stone or two) I think they were 4 also.
I also got little teapots set - the whole set only $10.00 ( here they are $35.00) I also got one with panda bears for my daughter. (there are so many things to decorate there room with.
Little Chinese t-shirts also make a great gift gor kids.
Someone mentioned the "Gift from China " Store
I loved that store. I got my daughter a beautiful dress and Me - a cloth diaper bag to match - that I will have forever. They did give me a magnet also.
By the way the stores in the White Swan are also great. Remember if you don't like the price just start to walk away - they will come down.
My 16 year old daughter had a ball getting the designer pocketbooks and wallets for so cheap.
Also a silk scarf make a great gift.
My favorite thing to do was the boat cruise at night
It just calmed the kids riding along the Pearl river- it was so beautiful I say there riding as my new son ate his first popsicle feeling so so Blessed of the Lord! Make that a must.
I am enjoying your blog - I guess so many of us relive one of the most wonderful experiences of
our lives.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

What a beautiful story! She is speaking English!! One smart Lily girl!!!!

Okay...the first thing I would do when you get to GZ is take your family photo and a photo of Lily and drop it off at one of the stores that etch stones. It takes a couple of days so you want to start the process early. The girls hand etch your photo on a flat stone for maybe $20-$30. You can give them seperate photos of everyone and they will combine the faces to make one family photo. AMAZING and fun to watch!

Go to Jordans! You can drop your laundry silks...squeaky shoes...many things for a great price! He is such a sweet man!!! Buy squeaky shoes in bigger sizes! Lauren feet grew so fast that we were sad when there were no more squeaky shoes. I think they are only $5 a pair so try to buy as large as you can. Need a Christening or dedication dress? China is a great place to buy something in white silk! I also bought a silk Christmas stocking...can't remember the store. a little porcelain tea set is a must! The White Swan has an ATM machine that works great. heehee Don't forget that since you have a seat ticket for Lily that you can take home another suitcase! We bought one for $20 in GZ and filled it with our gifts. If you need a stroller you can borrow one from Jennifers. She has great items as well. And the infamous Lucy's is a must for american food! Order the chicken congee for Lily...she will LOVE it!!!!!

Okay..that's all for now. LOL

Enjoy, enjoy!!


Krystal said...

'Tis me again... My sister said you can get a name chop just about anywhere there on the island. I remember just enjoying walking around and looking at first, going back later for the stuff that I kept thinking of. One store owner gave me for free a piece of carved jade on a red cord after I made a purchase. Not sure of the character or symbol on the jade, but it's been a special little memento for me.

I was careful with my money, since I was the sister/aunt along for the experience when I went. I picked up wooden bookmarks for friends. I got a pair of squeaky shoes for a baby shower and ended up having the shoes handed down to my daughter a few years later! I went to a department store off the island and found some delicate coffee cups, sugar bowl, creamer bowel, and plates in a purple flower pattern. (I believe I carried those everywhere by hand on the trip home.) I bought some cloisonne in Hong Kong as it was just the perfect set of colors for me. I wish I'd bought one more piece in Guangzhou. I got a T-shirt with a panda on it (of course) and some Chinese writing. I bought a couple little trinkets for my nieces.

My sister bought pearls and Chinese silk outfits in various sizes for the girls. I know she wanted something for each birthday for each girl through turning 18.

I hope some of this has been helpful. Just enjoy yourself!

Praying for Lily and y'all during her grieving and bonding.

Sargent Family said...

Hello Amiee,
Congratualtions of your daughter! She is beautiful.
We were in China last April. We loved it!
The shop that I loved was called.........A Gif From China. Therir items are handmade and the profits go to help orphans. Their items are quality stuff. They even have a different feel than the items on the streets.
Also, I made the mistake of not buying a nice quilt. I watched our money closely and when we got home and I saw how much we had left, I could have kicked myself. If you have the money and can afford it, I don't think you will regret buying a keepsake such as a quilt. It is something Lily can sleep under for years or you can give it to her for a gift later on in life or however you choose.
I have enjoyed following your journey. I know we are strangers but when the Lord places the orphan on your heart, the brings us together as only He can do.
I am praying for the remainder of you and Carltons's and Lily's trip and a safe journey home.
God bless,
Carrie S.

lindskeeg said...

Aimee - I just wanted to say that you are a natural speech therapist! Lily will be talking before you know it!! Your bubble experiment is a wonderful way to get language...and what I do in therapy (just with different motivating activities) on a daily basis!!! Let me know if you need anything!

We are still praying...

Aaron and Lindsay Keegan