Monday, February 16, 2009

Medical Exam day

Please, just let me go back to Mama.

Everything looking good...

Our one picture before our camera accident

Who can resist that look?

This post might be short. I have come down with some kind of awful sore throat. This is not unusual for tonsils have needed to come out for many, many years. I just don't have the time to have them taken out!!! I have started my antibiotics (Keflex, 2000 per day). I hope this knocks it out very quickly. Carlton is taking good care of me...making me hot tea all the time and getting our food to go. I have been quite stubborn and have refused to miss any outings with our group. I mean, Hello?, we are in China...I can't be wimpy and stay in my room! Please pray my antibiotics will work quickly.

So, this morning we started out with yummy breakfast. Laine, this time I got double tater tots. And you are right, I have never had such yummy tater tots! Lily ate good too. Her stomach is getting much better and handling food much better. Next, we went to Lily's medical exam. First, they took her temp and weighed her....normal temp 97.7 and her weight was 27 pounds! Then, it was hearing and eye test. To test her hearing, they sqeaked a toy. High tech,huh? Everything perfect. Then, the lady did her measurements. I was nervous. We have always been concerned about her growth and Carlton has been fervently praying for her growth while she was at the orphanage. Well, praise the Lord, the orphanage's measurements were either wrong, or Lily has grown!! We specifically asked all three doctors to look at her measurements. They took us to another room because they knew we were concerned. They looked at the Chinese growth charts and said, "Her head measurement is good, she is a little below average for height..weight is good." We walked back out of the room and lo and behold my sweet hubby was just a bawling! (I call him Paw-Paw now, because that's what he acts like, he is a SOFTIE!) I said, "what's wrong honey?" He said, " I am just so happy that she is OK, I have been praying so much for her." Well, then I start crying. SO, we had a little cry fest while we thanked our God for taking care of our girl. We stepped out on faith....and He has rewarded us greatly. We know that she has a lot of growing to do, but we were comforted today when we talked with the doctors.
To God be the Glory, great things HE has done.
Next, Rebecca asked me to go have a massage with her. Well, of course, I said yes. My back has been killing me from carrying her and she seemed to be doing really good with Carlton. SO, I went. It was really good, but I am sore from it. Rebecca and I had our massages together! It was so much fun. When I left there, I passed Sherry's Place. Oh, gee whiz. I bought too many shoes. Seriously, someone tell me to stop. I have enough for the next 3 years. How can I resist? They are dirt cheap. ANd they look adorable on her feet. I also got her a large silk blanket for her bed. Its really pretty. How will I ever get this stuff home???? I'll figure that out later.

When I got back to the hotel, Carlton greeted me at the door and he could not not stop smiling. Lily had been talking with him non-stop. She has become VERY verbal. But, not when she is around people. She also danced with him and sang him Chinese songs. He got most of it on video. He also told me that she talked with some friends back home on Skype. I couldn't believe it! He couldn't believe it either. This girl has changed so much in 5 days. Its like night and day. She has got her Daddy so wrapped around her finger.

Then, we went to the Botannical Gardens. Right when we got there...Carlton accidentally dropped my brand new camera. Its broke, its dead, its gone forever. I almost cried, ok, ok, I did cry. We used our video camera to take pictures today and Rebecca is going to let us use her camera the rest of the week. How sweet! Carlton promised me that he will get me a new one when we get home. So....Uncle Barry, can you help me locate one similar to yours??? You are the expert on cameras!!

The gardens were really pretty. It was a little hot, so we tried to stay in the shade. My throat really started hurting while we were there...and by the end, I was miserable. Before we came home, we stopped at the Carrefour and got a few groceries. Lily refused to sit in the buggy...bless her heart, she has never seen one before. I am still amazed at the things that are new to her, yet so normal for me.

Have I mentioned what a "girly-girl" I have?
She loves:
-for me to put makeup on her
-she loves shoes (good thing!)
-she loves hairbows (she has to have one in at all times)
-she loves jewelry
-she loves her baby dolls
-she loves pink
-she loves to twirl and dance
-she loves her new clothes (she smiles when I put them on her)
-she loves Bath and Body lotion
-she loves bubble baths

Did I mention that initally she was totally flipped out that she could see her arms when her clothes are on? She has never worn short sleeves and she pulled them down the first few days. She also does not like her bare legs to show. So...add to the list...she has never seen her own body.

She is also petrified of animals. We were told that at the orphanage they kept the kids away from all animals because Rabies is rampant. She hates animals...alive or dead. Sorry, I mean stuffed animals and statues.

She also gets into everything. We have got to child -proof our home. She sticks her fingers in places that I never knew existed. Long gone are the days of sleeping a little longer while the kids watch TV.

Better go. I hope to get some pics uploaded.

Oh. Tomorrow we have a free day. We are opting out of going to the zoo...Not really a good time to terrify her. We can go to the zoo any ole time! Tommorrow evening, we will go on the Pearl River Cruise. FUN!


To answer some questions from the comments:
-No, I didn't get a haircut It looks shorter when I pull it up.
-The sling is called a SlingLing Holds up to 35 pounds. Go to
-Hannah Grace and Noah love talking to Lily. She likes to see them too. All children love other children. I am not quite sure she realizes that they are brother and sister.


Talley Images said...

Aimee, hope you get to feeling better soon....

What a sweet post!

Jessica said...

Oh the pictures are adorable again! That Lily is just incredibly beautiful :) I hate to hear that about your camera...I am glad that Rebecca is going to allow you guys to use her camera.
Sorry that you are not feeling well. Glad you have some meds to take...praying that they work so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.
So grateful to hear the good report on Lily! That is just so wodnerful!
Enjoy your free day tommorrow :)
love and hugs,

The Ferrill's said...

Aimee, did you happen to pack any Airborne? That might help some. Surely the antibiotics will kick in...we'll be praying! I love your attitude! You're not gonna let a sore throat stop you from shopping and enjoying the activities! The Pearl River Cruise is VERY relaxing and refreshing. It was one of our faves. Even when we adopted Kimmie and Quan and were chasing TWO toddlers around on the top of the boat, it was still our favorite! We opted out on the zoo so we could sleep in both trips. Priorities, right? ;)
I'm so thrilled to hear how well Lily did with her daddy! And I know just what you mean being sore from a massage...but oh what heaven! How fun that you got to do that with Rebecca! She is a hoot, isn't she? You will NOT regret buying all those shoes!
Oh, and I am praising God for Lily's growth!!!!!!!!!! I know that made your heart sing!
Love the updates! Thanks so much for sharing with us! It is SO MUCH FUN to follow your journey. I am really going to praying for your throat to feel better so you don't have to miss out on the best thing....TATER TOTS!!!!!!!!
Love you,

Aaron and Erica said...

I'm praying for your throat to start feeling better this morning. I think you made a good decision to skip the zoo - your sweet Lily would be horrified!

I love that you got to get a massage w/ Rebecca! How fun! And Praise the Lord that Lily is doing so well with her Daddy!

Hope you can have a relaxing day and get some much needed rest.


Cathy said...

Praising God for her health and her weight and the answer to all Carlton's prayers. Also praying for your sore throat to go away quickly. Thank you again for your post.

Christie Thacker said...

Hey guys,
I'm so glad Lily is growing! I know that is a relief to you.
Aimee, do you have allergies? You guys have been exposed to smog and alot of pollen with botanicals. I'm the allergy queen so I just had to ask. A good antihistimine might help if you can come across one. Just an idea. Hope you get to feeling better.
I say keep buying shoes and dresses til the money runs out. What else is the momma of a girly girl to do?

Linda said...

I'm sorry about your throat and will keep you in my prayers. Sore throats are just the worst - you think about them with every swallow, and I feel badly that it will make the last part of your trip so miserable.

Have you asked Rebecca about getting your camera fixed in Guangzou. We have had this happen on two of our trips, which is kind of embarrassing because we were borrowing my brother-in-law's camera both times. Anyway, they did a good job twice.

Lily looks sweet in green, and her little ladybug romper is adorable. I am a little envious of your hot weather as I sit here in 18 degree Colorado with a cool breeze blowing. On well!

Just to reassure you - I think very few of the little kids are comfortable with dogs and cats initially. When we brought Ruthie home, our large German short-hair (big) dog came to greet her with her tail wagging. I have never seen a reaction so funny, yet pathetically sad. Ruthie literally leaped in the air and screamed. She was so afraid of gentle Chloe for the first week, and then it evolved into a sort of truce - Chloe kept her distance, and Ruthie didn't mind her being in the same room. Within about three weeks, a friendship developed. It really helped because she could see our older son laying on her and playing with her. I'm going to pray for Lily's transition with your dog (I think I remember you saying that you have one, but if not, just scratch all of this - lol!).

LeighAnne said...

Oh Aimee, I am so excited to hear how Lily is growing every day. I know that it must have thrilled Carlton to spend some one-on-one time with Lily and her not get upset with you gone. I can't wait to see video of it all! So sorry about the camera, thank goodness for Rebecca! Keep the updates coming. They are so wonderful.

Hugs, LA

Corie said...

Praying for your throat! Yikes! At least you came lady!

I just love waking up each morning to catch up and see that precious girl...and you too! It really just puts a smile on my face all day.

Lily looks are awesome!

Have a great day tomorrow..with your video camera!

Jessica said...

Aimee, so sorry that your throat is hurting. Praying that it will be better this morning. I know you don't want to miss anything. Praise God for Lily's great check up report. She is just precious and I love seeing her little personality coming out in the pictures. You can tell she is starting to open up. Thank you Jesus! Have fun today!!!
Love, Kadle

Barb said...

I am so glad she checked out well with the doctors. What a relief. God has been so evident throughout this whole process.

Carlton, Glad you got to have the one on one with Lily. She seems to be more comfortable every day. God is answering many prayers!

Aimee, sorry you are feeling bad. I can relate to the tonsil thing, I had mine removed about 8 yrs ago. Best thing -- no more sore throats!!! Praying the meds will help.

Love you,

Christy said...

Praise the Lord for her health! I am so glad that she is healthy and is growing so well. What an answered prayer. I am so sorry about your camera! That is really nice of Rebecca to let you use hers. I am glad to hear that she is taking to Carlton so well. I had a dream about you guys Saturday night and woke up in the middle of the night praying for you. Specifically that she would bond with Carlton... so thank you God!
We love you! :)
Christy & Jason Gilbert

katerri krebs said...

I love the pictures! She is so precious! My heart is thrilled that she is bonding with Carlton! Yeah! Praying for you guys and cannot wait to see the next post.

Tamara said...

I'm so sorry your sick! Take care of yourself Aimee. The pictures are beautiful as usual. I can hardly wait to hear her sweet voice and see her in person! I can sympathize with Carlton about the camera. When we were in Vegas at Hoover Dam last spring I dropped my camera out of the car and we rolled over it! You know how I am about pics so you can imagine how upset I was. Anyway, none of that really matters in the big scheme of things. I am so glad she is interacting with Carlton now! I know his heart is about to bust
with joy! I am also so thankful that her doc appt. went well and all is good with her health! God is so faithful and good to us!

We decided to stay in Cincinnatti one more day and go skiing again so I better get ready.

See you soon! Love you guys!

Holly said...

Can't wait to see the videos Carlton shot of little Lily! She is so precious! Praise God for answering your specific requests.. He is good! My throat is horrible too. My ENT won't take my tonsils out because of my age, but I gargle (don't have any idea how to spell that) with vinegar and water when mine starts hurting. Vinegar will kill anything! Hot salt water helps, too. Praying for you guys and hoping you have a wonderful night on the river.

Krystal said...

Morning and night I check your blog and am so thrilled to be on this journey with you vicariously. Thanks for letting us share!

Aimee, are you taking a pain reliever for the pain of your throat? I'm silly and often forget the pain reliever part when I'm ill and hurting, though I treat the other symptoms as needed. I'm praying for you!

So glad the exam is over and that Lily is doing so well. Also, so glad that Carlton is getting more and more affection from Lily. God is awesome!

Kathy R. said...

Hi, I have been following your blog of your adoption. You are such an inspiratin and I have learned so much from all the details you give. We were matched with a little girl from the same province your Lily is from. We had to turn it down due to the costs & time involved with her SN. Now we are waiting to be matched again.
Thanks for answering the question about your sling, I was wondering were you got that from!
Where did the dress with her name come from?
I hope you feel better and your trip continues to go smoothly.
Kathy R.

Nancy said...

Aimee, that massage really loosens up toxins in your system, be sure to flood yourself with water (I massage for a living, so I know sometimes people get worse before they get better). You can gargle with 2 tsp. iodine, sea salt, 8 oz. water & spit it out, that will help get rid of any bacteria in the back of your throat. (I'm not sure if China has a Walgreens to get this stuff from though!)
I am enjoying your blog so much. What an angel your new girl is! Praying for you guys!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Praying you feel better soon! Its amazing to watch the hand of God working in these little chilren's lives. You should be able to buy a suitcase since you now have another traveler. You can also ship some items home. My ALL that you can because it will not seem like much after you get home and they outgrow the shoes so quickly. Feel better!!!


Kenzie said...


She is absolutely PRECIOUS!! I am so overwhelmed with joy for you guys... God is so incredibly good and faithful huh? I am so thankful for your safe trip and your precious addition to your family. Always remembering Sophie Ann and yet rejoicing over sweet Lily. The videos are amazing... thank you for sharing again on this intimate journey.

Praying for your safety and travels, for your health (and speedy recovery) and for you to relish this time!

So much love,

Friends and Family said...

Aimee & Carlton, Reading your blog is a highlight of my day! Lily is so beautiful. I just love all the pics of her and the videos! So glad she got a good medical report. Considering she's eating plates and plates of food, I doubt weight will be an issue much longer! Thought of you in the grocery store. Lean Cuisine has a potsticker meal. I did look through the other frozen meals but didn't see any already prepared. Can't wait for your family to be united with Lily although it's so interesting to read of your adventures in China. The two of you are wonderful people to give Lily such a special gift..her own loving family! So special! Hope you get better soon, Aimee

Deidre C Bankston

The Davis Family said...

I can't wait to hold and kiss her little hand. Melanie's hand was a comfort to me when I was a little girl. Melanie used to hold things up next to her body the same as Lily is doing in some of the pics. It's amazing how we can just forget, because they are so versitile, that they have only 1 hand.
BTW John Mark weighed 27 lbs last week at his appointment.

Ashley Hawk said...

Hey Aimee, it's Ashley Hawk. I just wanted to tell you that i ask nicole everyday about Y'all and i read your blog everyday to see what kind of adventure y'all went on, and everyday i cry cause i am know y'all have been through a lot and now you have your beautiful baby girl! Lily is so precious and God knew she was just right for y'all.I can't wait to see her. I am so happy she is healthy and growing good. Also, I know how addicting them squeaky shoes are. James has a pair and I love them. Do they have them for boys there? They can be expensive over here. Also, you are just like your mom and sister. Nicole has been popping Keflex like its going out of style. She was sick too, but is better now. Well i hope you feel better, keep taking them pills and i can't wait to read your next blog!

Ashley Hawk

Whitney said...

She is just amazing! I love hearing how she is blossoming with you all. And I can't say too much how great the pictures of Lily are in the last post (with her arms streched out, HUGE smile)! Thanks for posting and we will be praying you feel well soon!

Whitney said...

She is just amazing! I love hearing how she is blossoming with you all. And I can't say too much how great the pictures of Lily are in the last post (with her arms streched out, HUGE smile)! Thanks for posting and we will be praying you feel well soon!

Shea said...

Hope you feel better! Sorry to hear about your camera. Boo hoo! SO GLAD that her medical exam went well today! YEA! Feel better. I'll be praying for you.

Tamara said...

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well and that your camera had an accident....bummer! But how wonderful that Lily is warming up to Daddy! I am sure it was a super special day for him!! Thanks, also, for taking the time to respond to some questions; I have been so curious if Lily had been chatting with her big brother and sister of if she was too shy to talk! I am sure they are just so darn excited! Continue to pray for you all; God bless!

Tamara Gavin

e.haynes said...

oh aimee.. we got to see and talk to carlton and precious Lily last night. she was singing and laughing with carlton. she told us "roll tide" and put on a show... carlton said she could say Elizabeth because there was and Elizabeth over there. i was super excited about that.. i am so thankful you got to relax and get pampered for a little while. we love you and miss you.

eternally adopted.. mary elizabeth. :)

Ashley and Mike said...

Aimee, It sounds like we are having such similar trips. Give the antiboitics a couple of days and you will feel better. The pollution is a killer. And, my camera broke too. I am so sorry that it happened, but I know that your travelmates will pull through for you. Sherry's place has the best shoes sales. I think I bought about 25 pairs. Way too much that I had to go to Jordans and buy a suitcase the last night! Your sweet girl is so beautiful.


Laura said...

So thankful Lily is growing...sweet girl!

Praying you feel better soon.