Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shop till you Drop!

Discovering myself

The lobby of the White, so pretty.

Playing Peek a boo with Mommy

First trip to the candy store....

SO many people!!!

This is the picture that the artist is making a painting of Lily from...

Exhausted is not even the word to describe how I feel right now! Our day started off with an incredible breakfast. Oh, Laine, I thought of you when I saw those tater tots. I closed my eyes and imagined I was sitting at Sonic. There was endless assortment of breakfast foods. I think I ate 12 pieces of bacon. Lily ate nearly that much. We totally just pigged out. I can't wait till morning to do it again! (why is my blog always talking about food?) I There are so many adoptive families here and you get to see everyone at breakfast. Carlton and I were talking this morning about how we see all these other children and we just can't imagine having a different child. She is "our" child. After breakfast, we headed out on our shopping adventure. Rebecca took us off the island to a big mall that the locals go to. It was so crowded and honestly I didn't enjoy one minute of it. It was like the day after Thanksgiving. I didn't care if they were giving away the stuff, I couldn't take one more minute of the sweltering heat and utter chaos. God knew what He was doing when we arranged for us to be Guangzhou in February. This is their "winter" and its 85 degrees, 110% humidity. I would just pass out and die in August. Lily was wringing wet and she had two accidents right in the middle of the stores. The people didn't even mind...they just helped me dress her and change her. One lady took us to a bathroom with only squatty potties and I just looked at her and said, "I don't know, I don't know how to use a squatty potty" and then I just handed Lily to her and said, "Help me". She held Lily over the squatty potty and Lily just went to the bathroom like it was totally normal (oh, wait, it IS normal to her! ) I know I had this horrified look on my face. I just kept telling the lady thank you, thank you. Lily was also horrified that she had an accident. I don't think she had too many accidents at the orphanage. We got a few special things today. Thanks to all your comments, it really helped. We came back to the hotel around 2:00 and Carlton went to the paperwork meeting. Let me just say this....Lifeline is amazing. We are so prepared and so taken care of. You don't have any worries. Trust me, there are people here having fits over their paperwork. We went shopping this afternoon here on the island, just me and Lily. We stayed in a store called "China Doll" for a while. They are going to do a painting of Lily for me. I also bought 7 dresses. I am embarrassed to tell you how cheap stuff is! Its great! I am going to stock up on dresses so she will have them as she grows older. We also stocked up on squeaky shoes. I would like to buy some bigger sizes, but I can't seem to find them. Any help? I bought size 7, I think...size 17 in China. She has such a tiny little foot! But, so does everyone around here! The biggest size I could find was at Jordans, size 17.

I also wanted to mention how much Lily is showing off her little personality. When Carlton is away, she jabbers non stop. Today, when it was just me and her, she counted to 3 just out of the blue. I have been doing a lot of counting and she has already picked that up. Her little voice is adorable...kinda low and raspy. It will make you melt. She also reaches up her arms for me to hold her and even let Carlton take her to the bathroom and hold her today.

I promised myself that I wouldn't get a stroller here...I really just wanted to hold her the whole time. But, its just impossible. My back is about to give out! I am so sore and my arms are like jello. I had to get the stroller. Its called survival. One of the stores just gave us a stroller to keep during our stay here on the island. Lily hated it at first, (probably never seen one), but now she is better. She likes for me to go fast!

Lily has her medical appointment in the morning at 9:30. I dread that. She doesn't like for anyone to hold her except me.

Love you lots!


davidandheatheryell said...

I am a family member of Erica Hammond's. She shared your info with me, and I have been addicted to your site as well as the Hammonds. We have just started our process with a China adoption. YOUR DAUGHTER IS BEAUTIFUL! I cried so many times while reading your blog. I pray for everything to go smoothly and safe travels til your return home. Thanks for letting me share in your journey.
Heather Yell

Lorraine said...

I love seeing the pictures of her! I notice the rice cookies in a lot, hope you are stocked up on those for her first few weeks at home! Enjoy every minute!

Corie said...

Her pictures are amazing. She just looks so comfortable and relaxed in them. I love the pictures of all that you are doing. Sure praying for the remainder of your time there. Its still amazing to me that you are there...I can't imagine what you are thinking. Love to you.

Laura said...

She is beautiful...breathtaking! Such a loved little girl...praying for all of you and Hannah Grace and Noah too.

Love to all,

Christie Thacker said...

Hey ya'll,
She is so precious! I'm so glad she is finally letting Carlton hold her. You better enjoy these days, Amiee, cause she may turn out to be a daddy's girl. I'm so sorry your flight was so bad. Sam was three when we flew to Germany and it was hard (and he spoke my language!). We gave him Triaminic at take off/landing to keep his ears from hurting. You probably did that--you guys have thought of everything! Can't wait to see you three!

Elizabeth said...

Those peek a boo pictures are PRICELESS!!! I just love hearing about your journey.....I am DYING to get there myself. Continue to have a wonderful time!!

Cathy said...

Your travel blog has become the first thing I do when waking with my coffee. I know it is because the time change that there is always a new post and pics. So Aimee, can you keep this up when you return home for all of us that are becoming addicted to Lily's journey????

Holly said...

She is so easy to fall in love with through your pictures and stories. I can't imagine spending time with her and not just eating her up!! So glad each day has a new success!
Til tomorrow...

Tasha said...

Again she is so beautiful. her features just fit perfect in your family! She looks like she's feeling very comfortable with you, and I'm so glad she is starting to warm up to Carlton! I have a feeling she's going to give Noah a run for the money as she keeps becoming more at ease with you! Enjoy your time left in China and we can't wait to meet that sweet China Doll!!
Love from home!

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I have been following your blog, as I hope to travel in June for my son. Your daughter is gorgeous, and every outfit you put on her just looks so cute and natural on her. I hope the rest of your trip is great, and thank you for sharing your story.

Krystal said...

Hmm. I was in Guangzhou in late January 2002. It wasn't all that warm. It rained some, and I think the temps were in the 60s during the day. I did strongly dislike the humidity!

So glad you're having fun shopping and enjoying Lily. Still praying for y'all!

Jessica said...

What beautiful pictures! I love love love the peek a boo pictures...Lily is such a doll and her little personality just seems so sweet :)
Continuing to pray for you guys!
love you,

Crystal said...

Those pictures are precious!!! The painting will be beautiful!!!

Squatty potties.. wow. All I know of them is the descriptions from my sister. Thank goodness you had someone to help you! I would have done the same thing!!

Praying for you and so thankful for all of the sweet smiles... peek a boos.. and letting Carlton take her to the potty! What blessings!

Love, Crystal Joplin

Barb said...

The pictures are amazing. Lily seems more beautiful everyday! I am glad she let Carlton do something for her -- she will continue to warm up as she feels more & more safe. Peek a Boo pics are so fun. Can't wait for your return, She is so precious!

The Ferrill's said...

Tater tots! I haven't had ONE since we left China...none can compare in my opinion! ;)
Aimee, I am thrilled to see how Lily is opening up to the pictures you posted today you can see such a light in her eye and a little more zest in her smile...she's home in your arms. The change in her is so obvious in these pictures! Praise the Lord!
I meant to warn you about the crowds at the around the island is very laid back so I'm glad you enjoyed that! Squeaky shoes are just not made big...that might be the biggest size you find, but don't give up until you find Sherry's Place. It is small, but the shoes are awesome...If she doesn't have them bigger, then no one will! Jordans is great too! I'm glad you got to go there!
Have you eaten Italian yet? What about Lucy's?
Oh my, this IS all about food! Grins. That makes me laugh!
I will pray for peace for everyone during that medical appointment. It wasn't Kimmie's OR Candace's favorite thing at all. But at least it won't last too long and as soon as it's over there's a great park nearby that might get Lily's mind off of it! Then again, there's always Starbucks! ;)
Blessings to yall....Yall are doing such a GREAT job!!!!!!

Tamara said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot get over that face....what a joyful smile she is wearing today (yesterday, now, I guess!!!) Her arms outstretched looking like she is about to tackle you with a giant squeeze that red dress; gosh she is just adorable!! Oh...and her load of candy?...a girl after my own heart!! Glad to hear you all had fun shopping and that Daddy finally got some attention; it's funny how those few seconds in your arms can also fill your heart, eh Carlton? LOTS of prayers of Thanksgiving being sent from us today! God bless you all!

Aimee--if you don't mind sharing---what does she think of Hannah Grace and Noah as I assume you all continue to Skype?

Aaron and Erica said...

I am in love with Lily's smile...she is just so adorable! And I'm not kidding when I say this, I think she is starting to look like you guys!

The medical exam is so quick so don't worry too much. She might cry but you can rescue her quickly.

I think the largest size squeaky shoe I found was 17. YouYou is wearing the 14's right now (and they are a little big) but I bought her some 15's and 16's for later.

Are you going to get to go to the Botanical Gardens? Rebecca took us there one morning and it was amazing, definitely something I would not want to have missed.

Your friend who is ready for you to be home...


Linda said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your time in Guangzhou. I enjoy walking, and we walked and walked on the island - just loved it. I'm also glad you were able to get a stroller. With the high humidity and all of the walking, I know it worked out well for us, and it turned out to be a real blessing at the Chicago O'Hare airport. We had to transport all of our own luggage, and it would have been a nightmare trying to carrying my child AND the bags. Actually, Bob fell down a flight of stairs in the process and knocked over a bunch of people - another story altogether!!

I have to admit that I am kind of sad that your travels are coming to an end. You have done a great job in letting us feel a part of this trip, and it has been really fun! Thanks.

Keri Mason said...

Girl, we caved in and got the stroller, too - and I promise it didn't hurt Eden one little bit !!!

Tamara said...

Looks like you are having so much fun! She is beautiful Aimee! I can't wait to see the painting of her. I am so proud of how you have handled this whole adventure. You are such a great mama! Sounds like Lily is going to learn Alabama English pretty easily. I pray all will go well at the physical tomorrow and she won't be too upset by it all. Can't wait for ya'll to come home!

Love you

Starla said...

Hang in there, Dad. It took our daughter 9 days before she wanted anythiing to do with her daddy. Now she's a daddy's girl. Give her will come.
STarla, mom to 3 China kiddos

Green, Party of Five said...

Hey Girl!
I knew you would love all that shopping. I enjoyed the island so much better too. The first time we were there I bought 15 pairs of shoes. I did much better this time around since we still had Lily's shoes. But I could still have purchased more items if luggage had allowed it (haha).
I just love Lily's smile.....she is so happy and its showing more each day. She is going to love her big sister and brother.
Ok...if you think its hot there now...try being here in July....oh me....I was miserable.
Dont forget the Italian restaurant....and of course the cheesecake.
Just a few more days and you are HOME! We love you guys!

lisa said...

Aww she is precious, she looks so happy with you two. I love the video,it brough tears and laughter. I look forward to each day catching up with you guys on your journey. Thanks for sharing. We are praying for you guys.

Lisa Goodwin