Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loving the Warm Weather!

Just waking up, what a sleepy head!

I know I'm cute!

She loves her Bath and Body lotion!

She loves to pick our her snacks. You should see her eyes!

At the airport

Coloring on the plane ride

This is how I blog!

We are HERE!!

Our flight over was horrible! I have been flying since I was 9 years old and this was the worst flight ever! We got up in the air for about 30 seconds and we hit some major turbulents. The plane was going from side to side and up and down all at the same time. It felt like a roller-coaster. To make matters worse, people on the plane were screaming. I started telling Carlton we were going to die and he told me to "get it together" for Lily's sake. I just had a flat out melt-down. I became that woman that you DONT want to sit by on the plane. All I could think about was Hannah Grace and Noah and I just started bawling. It went on for several minutes and then it got better. Lily clung to me like a monkey for the entire flight. She would take my arms and put them around her waist. It was sweet, but after 2 hours, I needed some breathing room. I finally got her to sit in her own seat for about 30 minutes. She was fine and we colored for a while. The flight was about 3 hours. The landing was just as bad. We bounced so hard, we came out of our seats. Oh, dear, I am so glad to be safe in Guangzhou.

Oh my goodness, I think I am in love! The White Swan is beautiful. Palm trees, hot humid weather, flowers blooming, a waterfall in my hotel!!!!! Thanks Karla for the room! The first thing Carlton and I said when we walked in was," Thanks Karla." Our room is big and has a view of the Pearl River. At night, it looks kinda like Las Vegas.....lots of colorful lights everywhere...its very pretty. There are lots of boats cruising up and down the river. Lily likes to watch them go by. I am happy to report to all of you waiting to travel that the White Swan has updated their bedding! Its nice, white fluffy down comforters!! We have a king size bed and asked housekeeping to take down the crib. We are not going to use that!! We have lots of room, it is bigger than any other hotel we have been at. (Sorry I complained so much Karla, I really like it were right!) When we got here, I scooped Lily up and took her over to the waterfall and fish pond thats inside the lobby! She totally flipped out. I had to remind myself, my sweet baby, has never left the four walls of her orphanage and had never seen a fish!!! She was scared to death! There is so much for us to teach her. I can't wait to get her home and just experience life for the first time with her!
We went and had supper at Cow and Bridge with our awesome guide, Rebecca, and 2 other families. The food was great, it was Thai food. Lily ate until her little belly poked out! We are now back in our room. I just finished giving Lily a bath. We splashed and had lots of fun. I was trying to get her to give me the washcloth and she yelled, "mama!" I almost cried! She is continuing to jabber in Chinese. I think its the cutest thing, I just wish I knew what she was saying. Her little personality is really starting to show. She is so much like Hannah Grace. She is such a perfect match for "our" family. She is also a very determined little girl. She really does not like for me to do things that requires using your hand. She wants to try and open things herself. Her arm does not hold her back in any way that I can see. Honestly, I have to remind myself that her little hand is not there. She just functions so normally without it. I can see in the future when someone might ask me about it and I will have to think to myself, "Oh, is she really missing her hand?" Its really amazing how she just adapts to everyday things. I also noticed her determination today when we were walking up the stairs in the hotel lobby. Lily can still be a little wobbly when she is climbing stairs (just another thing that she has never done). She saw another girl come walking up the stairs beside her (about her same age) and the little girl was going faster than she was and all of the sudden Lily just took off. She was almost running up the stairs to keep up. She is so determined, nothing is going to stop this little girl. What a spunky spirit! (stubborn like her mama!) Another thing that I want to mention is how sometimes I forget that she is Chinese. I know this is weird and maybe its just me....but every now and then, I will just think that she is my biological daughter. I will start thinking things like, "Oh, she must get that from her daddy, or her toes are just like her mommy's" Its just so amazing, the love is no different that a child that is born from you. I am amazed each day at just how special adoption is!

Well, we are off to get some rest. Tomorrow, Rebecca is taking us shopping. :) I can't wait! Thank you for your comments. I took notes. They were very helpful. I can't wait to get started!

Enjoy the pics,

Lots of love,


Jessica said...

Happy V Day Weathers Family!

Wow...I am so glad that you guys arrived safely...after that plane ride .. whew..I would have been scared too.
Your hotel sounds AMAZING! The views and the waterfall sound so wonderful, you are making me want to be there :)
I love Lily's determination and spunk!
Aimee, I have tears in my eyes about her calling you "mamma" I can just imagine what that did for you! NOt to mention the tears about how you think of her as your bio. child and how much love you have for her. That love is very evident Aimee. I can see it in the way you look at her in the pictures.
Get lots or rest and have fun shopping...I can't wait to see what all you get :)
love you and continuing to pray for you!

Corie said...

Glad you are there safely. What a ride. Amazing all the things Lily is just know experiencing. Good reminder of the things I take for granted everday. To see life through here eyes is going to be amazing for you and your children.

Things just like so natural in your pictures. She just seems to be adjusting so well. But that is not suprising to guys are awesome. Praying for the rest of your and a nice calm ride home.

Barb said...

Happy Valentine's Day! What a special way to spend it.

Lily seems to grow more comfortable each day! Roll Tide -- wow -- you must have practiced that one! I am so glad she is repeating things you say. When you mentioned she said "mama" that just makes me smile all over!

Enjoy the rest of you time & have fun shopping!


Tamara said...

Hey Guys, Happy Valentine's Day!

The plane ride sounded so scary! I have not as of yet ever experienced a bad flight like that...I hope I never do either! So glad you arrived safely! It sounds like you are having so much fun getting to know each other. I can hardly wait to meet Miss Lily!

You are so right about forgetting she is adopted. I catch myself thinking the same things with Reed. It is just more proof how Sovereign our Heavenly Father is He knew exactly who would be Lily's mama and baba long before she ever existed. How awesome and blessed we are!

Have a great day! Love you guys!

Satterfield Softball 14U said...

Oh Amiee and Carlton, my heart is so full right now. It is hard to find words. Next to Hannah Grace and Emily Rogers I'm sure she is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. I have spent this morning catching up. I had read everything up to Gotcha Day, them my world turn into Chaos and I haven't been able to read. I have missed it so it is the first thing I did this morning. What a beautiful example of God's love for us and his precious gift of adoption. Please keep Mike and his family in your prayers. The reason I have not been able to read is that my brother in law is in ICU at Regional Medical Center. He has significant brain damage and sometime on Monday or Tuesday it looks like Mike will have to made a very difficult decison regarding his life. I surely don't want to bring you guys down with this, but I wanted you to know so you can pray with us. We love you and miss you. I am so happy for you both that there just are no words. I have had you both and Lily in my thoughts and prayers. While I was at the hospital waiting with my sister I found myself thinking of you and wondering if you had Lily and if so had God given you a peaceful transition. I can see now that all our prayer have been graciously granted. Can't wait till you are home for sure with your anxiously waiting church family. We love you.....Laura S.

LeighAnne said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Your updates have warmed my heart today. That is so precious about Carlton, I can only imagine how happy it has made him to see you with Lily. So many special memories are being made, girl I am SO happy for you.

Have a great time shopping. Enjoy the beautiful weather and great food.

Hugs, LA

The Ferrill's said...

Yay for Guangzhou! And the White Swan!
We had some scary plane rides too...I feel your pain. It was my motivation to memorize Ps. 91!
I'm glad yall got to go to Cow & Bridge. It's super nice.
Lily is a DOLL. Isn't it amazing how the Lord in His infinite wisdom knows just who is meant for our family? I love Him!
Tell Rebecca hello from the Ferrill's...and Quan sends her a big Valentine kiss! ;)

Cathy said...

I am so glad you mentioned that the love you feel is just like a child that was born to you. God is so awesome to give us this infinite love. Have a great day shopping.

Amy said...

Austin said to tell you that even if Carlton was crying b/c she said "Roll Tide" that is okay. Even though he is a bulldog fan, he totally would understand!

I don't blame you for freaking a little on the plane ride. I've been flying for years too, and I hate it. I have also been on one of those flights where people were screaming (though only for a few minutes) and it is horrible. Mostly, I think because you feel trapped.

It sounds like ya'll are making wonderful progress. Tell Carlton not to worry about Lily. She will probably be more attached to him than anyone in the long run. She is just not used to men, and it will take a little while. Enjoy your trip and shopping!!

Charlliesweb said...

Aimee, forgetting she is adopted is something my husband and I have experienced the entire time as well! :) We both even swear we can remember me physically being pregnant with her and the delivery room. It's all so strange! In a good way! :) Wait till you start recognizing her looking like you! ;) More than just toes :) It's amazing a child born on the other side of the earth being made just for your family! God is AMAZING!!! You remind me so much of myself and the emotions I felt and still do. You heart and life will be forever changed by adoption now, you will probably like me, never stop feeling that tug to do more, to help more children and families experience the great love we feel.

Keep enjoying this special time. :)

Charlotte Temple

Courtney said...

Hi! I happened upon your Blog, and it really caught my attention because we are currently waiting on TA for our daughter in China that is the same age and has the same SN as your little girl. I am enjoying reading about your trip and making many mental notes for our own trip! Your daughter is beautiful and is so sweet! What kind of carrier are you using? I have been searching for something, and most things are for infants. Also, what size is your daughter in and what size shoes? I am just trying to get an idea so that I know what to pack myself! Anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip, and enjoy your new daughter! Congratulations!
The Barnett Family

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh dear...I think I would have been losing it on the plane too! We had a crash landing as well in GZ last time...BOOM! why is your room so big? Spill the beans! :) What room number shall we request??? Lily sounds just perfect for your family!!!! God is good!!!

Have fun shopping! I guess by now your sleeping though. heehee


Shea said...

Happy Heart Day, Lily! Your first of many with your new family! I know you couldn't ask for any greater gift this Valentines but to have her with you. Of course, I know you must be missing Hannah Grace and Noah too! Enjoy the rest of your trip. LOVE YOU!

Aaron and Erica said...

Happy Valentines Day sweet friends!!!

I'm so glad that you made it safely to are going to love your time there and it will go quickly. You are on the home stretch now :) Please, please, please give Rebecca a hug from the Hammond family and please tell her that we miss her and think of her often. She was so good to us and I'm so glad that you will get to know her as well.

We got some good news on Friday. The ped. card. called and said that they have scheduled surgery for YouYou on March 4th! He said it is of course dependent on what the heart cath shows on Feb. 25th, but he said even if the pressures in her lungs are a little high he still believes they will attempt the surgery on March 4th. There is so much more I want to share but it can wait until you get home (or until I can call you again :)

It looks like everyone has given you lots of good shopping advice. I'm so glad your room is nice - I know you are especially thankful for the soft bedding!

Lots of love,


kathywood said...

Sunday blessings to the China Weathers trio! Caught up on your blog after bringing Chuck home from surgery. An awful experience and he's in considerable pain. LOVED the sticker game video!! As I stayed in the nursery last Sunday, my thoughts wandered to y'all and the day when Lily will be among her group! We love you safely...feel certain the flight home over the big water will be more comfortable for all of you.

Kathy and Chuck

kathywood said...

P.S. ROLL TIDE, INDEED!! She'll look great in a red crimson outfit!


Friends and Family said...

So excited to hear that you are ready for some more relaxing, shopping-filled days with your little girl! I can't get over looking at that little face of hers; she is just precious! Mama.....what a wonderous word! I am sure it's never quite sounded the way it did coming out of Lily's mouth! Continue to pray for you all!
Tamara Gavin k,

tbothof said...

our cell # 13917574212

Terri B

Beka White said...

Aimee & Carlton,
I have been reading your blog the past few days (Janet sent it me) & I am hooked! This is such an AMAZING experience & Aimee thank you for sharing it so well! You have really opened my eyes to adoption! I know it was narrow minded but, I guess I never really realized how many children are orphans. Also I had wondered if adopted parents of orphaned children could REALLY love the adopted child as their own & WOW my eyes have been SO OPENED!!! Now I know without a doubt the answer is YES!!!! I love Lily & she isn't even mine!!! I can see through your blog how your heart really just goes out to them that much more because of what she has been through! This also has brought to me a better understanding of God's love for us! Lily has been SO blessed to be a part of your family! I am in ah of you all! Thank ya'll so much for sharing! We are going to have to come to Anniston soon & meet your precious new addition! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You all are in my thought & prayers.
Lots of love, Beka White

Holly said...

She is just adorable!! So glad you made it off your flight-- Your one step closer to home!! Maybe I missed something, but your hair looks shorter in these pics... did you get a Chinese haircut?