Saturday, February 21, 2009


Just a quick post...we are very exhausted and the jet lag is much worse than going over! I will post soon with lots of coming home pictures...

Thank you to all our friends and family who greeted us at the airport. We were shocked and overwhelmed! But, most of all, we were humbled at the love you have shown to us and our family. It made us feel very special to see all your faces there! Thank you.

Lily is doing good. She was wide-eyed last night when she saw her home for the first time and even more so when her big sister took her to see her new room complete with a closet full of clothes and tons of dolls! She seemed very happy, but I really feel like she will start grieving again hard very soon. Its just all a little too much for her to handle right now. Can you even imagine? She has spent the first 3 years of her life in one, she has flown across the world and has new parents and a new family. We are going to lay low and love her through this difficult time.

Before I go, I wanted to share the link to the news cast from last night. I was really happy with the report except for one small comment at the end. The death of Sophie Ann did not lead us to adopt....we had already begun the adoption process before God gave us Sophie. But, its OK! I hope that our story inspires lots of people to open their hearts to these precious children all over the world. Thank you Fox News for wanting to feature us, we were so surprised!!!

Lots of love,



jill said...

Thanks for sharing the was great to get to see it. I was telling my mom and sister last night, " YOU HAVE TO WATCH FOX TONIGHT!!!" They have been following your journey since you've been in China. I'm so glad you all made it home safely. We will continue to pray for Lily, Hannah Grace, and Noah as they begin to bond as siblings and also for you and Carlton as their loving parents. Love y'all.


P.S. Get some rest!!!! :-)

Jessica said...

The news report was great....I am so glad that they were there to document that moment for all your followers who could not be at the airport.
I am so glad that you guys are all home together.
Praying for you guys over the coming days and weeks with the jet lag and the transition.
I love you!!!

lisa said...

Oh wow! You guys are home now! I am so excited for you guys. I just watched the link from the news. Praying for you all as everyone adjusts. She is just precious guys. Wish I could have been there at the airport too. Take care.
God bless.

Krystal said...

Again, I thank God you're home safely. I enjoyed the news blurb last night, thanks to the thoughtful person who put the link in the comments. I've sure enjoyed your journey, as I've relived moments of my trip to China with my sister and family as they adopted. Being fellow Christians with you has been extra special! Can't wait to meet you someday!!!

Chanda said...

Yeah Amiee! A Shanxi girl made the news! What a wonderful keepsake for Lily - is the news station going to provide you with a copy?

Chanda from Shanxi Parents yahoo group
Waiting for LOA for Amelia

Heather said...

Oh, Aimee, what a wonderful newscast. How blessed you guys are. HG seemed so excited to have her sister home (as well as mom and dad). You both looked great, even though I know that you were tired. Hope you get some rest. Love you!!

amyhansen said...

yay! your finally home! (:
I saw you guys on tv last night!... im ready to come help you anytime with hannah and noah when ever. I miss them so much!.. I hope lilys having fun in here new room! I love it!..

are we still tutoring wensday? i need it BAD!!!.

see you later :]

Barb said...

I am so glad you are home and together as a family. I had hoped to come to the airport but it just didn't work out. Thanks for sharing the link to Fox News--that was so special, it brought tears to my eyes. Hannah and Noah look so excited! Praying for the adjustments ahead and that jet lag will not linger on. Looking forward to seeing you all soon and hearing more about your journey.

Love ya,

Amy said...

So sorry we couldn't be there. I would've loved to welcome ya'll home, but I didn't even leave work until 4:30. I'm glad ya'll are safe. My recommendation is sleep for about 24 hours straight. (not that it's possible). That's what we did when we came back from Israel. Maybe it was only 18 hrs though.

Can't wait to see some pics and video. The news story was really sweet!

Corie said...

Thanks for sharing the guys did great. Glad you are home safetly. Look forward to following your story.

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

I'm so glad you all made it...and Lily looked so sweet meeting her big sister and brother. Hannah Grace is just precious can't wait to see these two girls become close friends as well as sisters.
The new article was great. Thank you for sharing!

Holly said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed watching you on the news last night! What an awesome testimony and great break from depressing news!! Elizabeth posted some great pics on facebook, so I have enjoyed them, too! Get lots of rest!

Erica Agee said...

WELCOME HOME!!!! I was so glad to read that you've made it home safely with your new little girl! Hannah Grace was so good on the news report. I hope that the transition will be a great one for Lily with little grieving, hopefully HG will occupy her time and she will not have time to think about being away from her home in China. God Bless and welcome back to Bama!

Whitney said...

It is so wonderful to see you all home and TOGETHER! (I got our Hannah out of bed to see Hannah Grace on the news. :) )We are praying for a peaceful transistion for Lily (and all of you) to the glory of God!

helen said...

i miss you so much . i will waiting you eamil and waiting our new date , i saw your vidio, i feel very happy about that , it was great to get to see it .

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Welcome Home! Welcome to America Lily! What a great video clip! Praying for a smooth transition and that you are able to rest. The jet lag is a killer! :)

Amanda said...

sooooooooooooooo thilled for you Weathers family.

Lots of love from London, England.
Darren and Amanda Gurney

The Allen Family said...

so glad ya'll are home safely, and your whole family is together!!! i know it is a special time- i wish i could be a fly on the wall!!! i have really enjoyed "taking" this journey with ya'll and i appreciate you keeping all of us posted and up to date so that we could feel a part of your wonderful family :) look forward to meeting and getting to know lily :)

lots of love

The Terrells said...

so sad that we were not able to come to the airport- seth had a sbp planning meeting that has been on the calendar for several months already- but we were praying and thinking of you!! hope you are feeling a little rested!! love you and can't wait to meet lily

Friends and Family said...

So glad you made it back safely! The news report was great. Very touching! Take some Tylenol pm and hope you get some good sleep!

Deidre C. Bankston

Carla said...

Thanks so much for sharing the homecoming with all of us viewers. It was amazing to see her face when her sister was callling her name. God is blessing your family abundantly. I look forward to reading more posts and watching Lily grow through this blog.

Christie Thacker said...

Words cannot describe how your journey has touched my heart (yet here I am trying to find words)! God is so good. Like Lily I was helpless and the "least of these" and yet God scooped me up and made me part of His family. The picture adoption presents is almost too beautiful to describe. I am praying for a smooth transition for the entire family.

Deb said...

Hi Aimee, My e-mail is I would love to follow your private blog too. I am soon off to adopt an almost 3 year old boy and your posts have already been helpful. Thank you and blessings, Deb